Who We Are

We are a uniquely position construction and real estate development group that strives to develop better communities and in turn better quality of life.

Our company’s mission statement defines this vision by stating that “We are a Real Estate and Construction Group that seeks to enrich the lives around us – our clients, our families, team, and network — through building better communities.”



We value putting God first in our lives with promoting family values both within our team culture and in how we conduct business that fosters relationships to build better communities.

Core Beliefs:

At Cook, we understand our reputation reflects the value we place on the communities and partners with which we work.

  • We place a strong priority on integrity and building better communities.
  • We are strong advocates of sustainable development.
  • We are specialists in community engagement and entitlements – we listen to what a community wants and balance those wants with what can be achieved.
  • We excel in thoughtful and focused execution, which rewards our partners, clients, tenants and communities with which we work.

Our Reputation and track record culminate from:

  • A strong real estate background and portfolio of operating capability — not just financial engineering.
  • Extensive market knowledge and local relationships as lifelong residents.
  • Involvement throughout the entire process to ensure quality.
  • High touch, hands-on marketing, project and asset management.

Why We Do It:

We believe that our communities are the foundation in our societies, and by developing better communities we can change lives for the better.  Our VISION is to be the preferred Construction and Real Estate Company for everyone in our community.

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